5 Grit

Quickline is part of 5 Grit, the 5G Rural Integrated Testbed. You may have heard of 5G already, asit's the fifth generation of mobile communications technologies that will transform the way we use the internet from our smartphones.

Whilst significantly faster than 4G, it's not just speed that makes 5G so exciting. Its development includes the enabling of fantastic new apps and other connectivity features, made possible through highly secure and reliable wireless connectivity. Another large focus area, especially for Quickline, is to solve the "notspot" issue for people in remote areas.

Whilst 5G will focus on massively increasing capacity in high customer density areas,such as busy urban areas, shorter wavelengths can still be blocked by trees and houses. In order to support rural areas, Quickline uses a fixed version of 5G, using a receiver placed at a height outside of a property. Thanks to better line of sight, the signal doesn't have to compensate for movement and obstacles, allowing Quickline to have higher levels of stability and predictability for high data applications such as Netflix or gaming. This type of technology also doesn't need to wait for industry standard protocols, which means that we can already begin deployment.

Cybermoor, a Cumbrian business, is developing a 5G testbed in the North Pennines with funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. With 5G still being in its test phase, revolutionary features are being trialled that could lead to augmented reality tourism apps, fixed wireless broadband for remote areas that currently have no coverage, crop and livestock monitoring services for the agricultural sector, and the ability to fly drones beyond visual line of sight.

Needless to say, Quickline is thrilled to be a key part of this amazing project and will use the opportunity to bring superfast connectivity to the most secluded rural areas of the UK. This includes clever applications, such as reusing the TVspectrum locally where specific frequencies are unused, known as TV Whitespace. By combining Quickline's existing high capacity 5G fixed technologies and the addition of TVWS, we're closer than ever to providing Superfast Internet Anywhere.

Cybermoor is planning an event to explain thepotential of 5G and the opportunities to use the testbed this autumn. Please email rachel.hardy@cmsl.org.uk to register interest and visit www.5GRIT.co.uk for more information.