Broadband champions win ultrafast for whole community

Choosing to bring up a family in the peaceful surroundings of a new property development in a South Yorkshire village has many benefits; community spirit and generous sized properties, but the downfall of living in a rural area is very poor broadband speeds.

At Pembridge Park in Auckley, just outside Doncaster however, this does not apply, thanks to a team of broadband champions who have worked with Quickline to provide ultrafast connection speeds of up to 70Mbps.

Simon Fisher, Craig Smith and Nick Field banded together earlier this year to help gain appropriate access to the internet and, after being let down my traditional telecoms providers, approached Quickline who engages with communities to build wireless infrastructures specifically for them.

Simon Fisher explains:
"I've lived here with my family since December 2015 relying on ADSL with speeds of less than 2Mbps. I work at home for an American software company and have been using mobile data which is so expensive and capped. We had been told that BT's Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTP) rollout was coming our way and they were prepping the land but, nothing was confirmed and eventually after lots of chasing, we came to the realisation that it could take months, if not years to reach us."

"You can imagine our excitement when we found Quickline's wireless alternative to fibre. Their surveyors visited our site and said that if we could engage the other home owners, they would invest in our area and build a mast which then beams a signal to each house."

"The Better Broadband Subsidy Voucher scheme offers anyone with connection speeds less than 2Mbps free installation, making everyone living at Pembridge Park eligible and we have been helping our neighbours access this through Quickline."

Craig Smith from Broad Lane says:

"In our previous home in Worksop we had fibre, so coming to Auckley and only getting 4 Mbps was quite a shock. That would be acceptable if it maintained speed, but it just kept getting slower with increasing dropouts. I work from home as an IT Contractor and have been relying on mobile data which is far too expensive. Plus, my wife and boys; aged seven and four complain about the slow/unavailability of the internet too."

"I was pleased to find Quickline's broadband is unlimited so I informed our group on Facebook, helped people sign up and also to claim the vouchers with help from Niki in Quickline's sales team."

Nick Field moved to Pembridge Park at Easter 2016 and works for a software company as their Head of Security, mainly based from home. He says:

"We wanted to engage with a provider, able to offer a solution and get things moving. Quickline explained they would invest if we could gain interest from other people living here so Simon and I disseminated information and got a positive response from more than ninety home owners, who have all used the voucher scheme."

Hayley Silvester from Quickline says:

"Communities can make it happen and this is a great example of how independent businesses can support local people. We are free to make our own decisions about where to invest and have used our own funds to build the infrastructure at Auckley."