This Sleepy Village can party on with Quickline!

Superfast Internet provider connects the hub of the community

As you drive into the Village of Hemswell, past the huge may pole landmark, and into this pretty but sleepy rural neighbourhood, it would be easy to assume the locals are digitally left behind. You would be wrong. Hemswell villagers are a developing, organised and digitally advanced community. As with many rural areas such as this, they are protective of their future population and growth and are making sure they are technically covered to keep the sustainability of the area to do so.

Quickline installed a dish onto the well used village hall providing superfast connectivity at the hub of all village meetings, classes and events. The 300 strong population in Hemswell may be petite to some but Quickline could see the worth, unlike others, in connecting this community.

Rosemary Jackson Manager of the Village Hall and member of the Parish Council says:

“ We use the Village Hall for all sorts. We have silver surfer classes, that were very well attended. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the connection from Quickline”

“Our Neighbourhood planning committee also use the internet for research and emails to local councils and government. Their findings and plans are presented to the community to keep them informed”

“We like to have fun at Hemswell Village Hall too, with regular bookings for events and parties. The music for these is often care of Spotify, so without our connection the parties would be rather quiet!”

Hemswell Village Hall is very typical of a small rural community that can develop thanks to Quickline, where others have failed.

Hayley Silvester, Quickline Head of Sales Comments: “We can do so much in rural villages, such as Hemswell. Sure, there are restrictions, but with our constantly developing technologies, we can offer better and better solutions that keep these communities thriving”