A 100% Reliable Connectivity Solution

At Quickline we're dedicated to offering the best internet connection around, which is why we're always looking for opportunities to innovate.

Our philosophy has led to us teaming up with one of the UK's largest online retailers, providing them with a wireless solution that acts as a backup if their fibre service should go down. Flooding can take out multiple underground connections, so having a wireless connection guarantees constant connectivity. This service from Quickline offers a fully diverse and bespoke solution.

We couple this soution with BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), in which both the fibre and wireless connections are live, so that in the event of an outage on either circuit there's zero disruption for the customer. Meanwhile, we quickly resolve the issue whilst our customer continues business as usual, as we believe that we are the best at what we do and want our users to feel the same way. We also deliver this solution to one of the largest bathroon distributors and a large independent bakery, to name a few.

The result is 100% network uptime for this major retailer, which in turn keeps its customers happy 24/7.